About Patrick Kelly Sr. Ph.D., SCLS

Dr. Kelly has been Life Coaching and Pastoral Counseling for over 35 years. After serving nearly 7 years in the Air Force, he was employed by a major semiconductor company for 18 years, during which time he lived in Glasgow, Scotland; Hong Kong; and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Dr Kelly Specializes in helping people learn the skills needed to set, and achieve goals to overcome areas of Lifes struggle such as anxiety/panic attack, couples issues, individual growth, anger management, depression, and grieving issues.

In addition he has taught classes in personal growth, marriage, boundaries, and parents and children. Dr. Kelly is a past District Licensed Minister in Compassion Ministries. His Doctorate is in Counseling. Patrick and his wife have three children and nine grandchildren.

He can be reached at 480.830.8299.
Email: drpatrick@sonrisecounseling.com


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